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Make Sluttiness Great Again

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  • + EXCLUSIVE in house print and this item is not mass produced

Story from our designer: 

In high school, these girls taunted me with names such as “slut,” “whore,” “hoe,” just because I was with a boyfriend at the time. KEYWORD: “a.” I wish I could say that these labels did not affected me, but it did. Why am I being condemned for doing something normal, something that goes along with nature?

Why are boys glorified by their peers and the media for having sex? But when a girl goes to have sex, she gets verbally harassed with unwanted names? She is made to feel bad for doing something that everyone does!

Make Sluttiness Great Again hopes to inspire people to embrace their sexuality. We want to live in a world where everyone knows that it is okay to be sexual. We hope to inspire the generation with love, support, and compassion towards themselves. One does not have to feel bad.


  • One sized: (Medium fit)
  • Bust: 95cm - 102cm
  • Shoulder: 50cm
  • Length: 65cm


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    Canada Tracked: 2-9 business days
    UK Tracked: 6-12 business days
    Rest of the World Tracked: 7-20 business days

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